If you’re a Senior Pastor who wants to maximize every ounce of giftedness you have to lead the church you serve through its next growth barrier, I can help.  

Trust me, you have what it takes. All you need is someone by your side who has successfully broken through the same leadership, preaching, financial, staffing, and evangelistic barriers you are currently facing and knows how to help you get results. 

Are you ready to invest 12 months of your life to lead your church further than you knew possible? If so, click the button below and let’s talk about the opportunities God has placed before you. 

“Meeting with Brian Jones helped me to realize that even in a declining church things can turn around. With proper perspective, prayer, and hard work things can and have turned around for our church. We have watched our attendance and baptisms increase with the advice and promptings of Brian. 

One of the most helpful things about having Brian as a coach was his ability to challenge me and encourage me. It made such a difference in my attitude towards my ministry and the church. Having Brian work through specific difficult issues that came up, such as staffing, budgets, preaching, time with family and many other critical issues has been a Godsend.” - Tim B., church of 400 in Chicago

“The biggest thing Brian has helped me and our church with is getting our primary focus back on conversion growth and then helping us create a plan to make it happen. Brian has stretched me to be a better preacher and leader. He’s had the experience to speak wisdom into various challenges and issues our church is facing. You feel like he’s in the trenches with you because he’s been there and is doing it himself.” - John M., church of 600 in rural Ohio

“I have been in ministry for over 30 years but have entered unchartered waters as our church has grown. I didn't realize my leadership style had to change or my inability to do so would hurt our church. Having Brian coach me helped me understand what I needed to do and how to do it. It has been difficult undoing some habits but Brian has challenged and encouraged me to remake myself into the leader my church needs. If you are looking to grow as a leader, I highly recommend Brian to you.” - Mike T., church of 600 in Ohio

“When I began my year of coaching with Brian I had been through three very difficult years at my church. I was discouraged and ready to give up. I remember the day sitting in a coffee shop contemplating leaving ministry that I first stumbled upon Brian’s coaching page. It was the beginning of my climb out of a dark pit. Though the problems in the church continued, with Brian’s ever present encouragement, support, and tough love I gained the skills, confidence, and desire to make the next decade of ministry the best. I have been in ministry 25 years, I have been to Bible College and have an M.Div. Yet, I have learned so much from Brian.  

He as well as his staff are so supportive and helpful. I have just ended my year with him but now have a plan for the next three years to more fully implement what I have learned this past year. He has somehow managed to walk that fine line with me between being compassionate yet stern and demanding. And it was exactly what I needed. He’s a coach for ministers who want to take their ministries to a higher level. It’s not easy and will push you out of most every comfort zone you may have. But the end result is a more capable, confident, stronger leader. I can’t recommend coaching with Brian highly enough.” - Chris H., church of 180 in Michigan

“I was not sure what coaching was or what it would be like when I gave it a chance. Deep down I was afraid. I was worried that coaching would be little more then an exploration in all the ways I have blown it along with the six easy steps to becoming a mega church over night. The coaching that Brian Jones offered was none of that. The coaching that Brian offered was ministry context driven, practical and encouraging. After going through the coaching with Brian I know that my leadership skills have increased, the over all ministry at my church is better (more effective and directed), and I am in a healthier place spiritual and physically.” - Brian S., church of 120 in Oklahoma

“Having Brian get in the trenches with me has helped me to radically transform how I approach sermon writing, leadership development and my weekly, monthly and yearly scheduling rhythms. Because Brian takes a holistic approach to his coaching, he has helped me become a healthier, happier and more effective husband, father and pastor. It is hard to quantify the impact his coaching has had on my life and ministry. I am extremely grateful for the strategic wisdom and consistent encouragement I have received from Brian.” - Jason W., church of 110 in Pennsylvania

“Having Brian as a coach has been a tremendous lift to me as a leader. His advice has been relevant to what I face as a Lead Pastor. After talking with him I can immediately begin to apply what we've discussed. His coaching has helped me more effectively arrange my schedule, lead my staff, and take care of myself and my family." - Bob W., church of 450 in Delaware

“Having Brian in the trenches with me helped to renew my passion for ministry at a time when I needed it most. He has helped me to get excited again about the fact it is possible to see God work powerfully in my church. Brian has my back because he loves the church of Jesus Christ and wants nothing more than to see the kingdom advance. He helped me set some reasonable goals and the results were almost immediate. I highly recommend his coaching for pastors at every level who feel stuck and discouraged.” - Alan P., church of 500 in Ohio

“As my coach, Brian has helped me to totally revitalize my personal and work schedules. He has shown me how to get ahead on my sermon preparation, and how to get the most out of my times with our staff. Brian helped me discover how to work with my natural cycles of productivity, and get the most out of every day. Every time we talk, I am amazed at Brian’s empathy for what I’m going through, and his breadth of knowledge and insight. Brian is a great coach!” - Ghyrn W., church of 350 in Seattle

“The biggest thing I’ve taken away from my time with Brian is the importance of priorities. There are five major priorities every Lead Pastor must pursue. I had drifted away from these. Once I started making decisions based off my priorities it was amazing at how well my church responded. I also became more focused with my staff and leadership. I cannot ignore what’s most important and expect disciples to be made and lives to be changed. Thank you Brian for providing me this perspective.” - Greg B., church of 1,100 in Ohio

“Brian's coaching has revolutionized my ministry. It was an amazing year, and he painstakingly customized the coaching to me and my ministry. I am who I am in ministry because of Brian!” - Ben S., church of 110 Kentucky